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Pwb Special Shaped Eye Grab Hook

Pwb Special Shaped Eye Grab Hook

pwb special shaped eye grab hook
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pwb special shaped eye grab hook






A lot of friends have such doubt, cooperate the steel wire rope that hoisting block USES, when hoisting heavy weight, wear very fast, wear of at the same time hoisting block wears faster, so take for granted the quality that is hoisting block is bad, the product that oneself choose is bad.

Is this really the case? The answer is no, because a very important problem is that customer friends when lifting heavy objects, whether in the case of more than block the rated load, using large tonnage of steel wire rope, doing that can lead to hoist the serious shorten the service life and destroy the edge of the hoist roller, and the resulting serious security hidden danger.

In mining operations, for example: the fixed load block 50 tons, lifting 70 tons of cargo, and used a thick heavy wire rope (even more than the edge of the pulley rope), do so not only can not increase security systems, and can lead to excessive wear rope pulley, and even direct damage pulleys, in a word, first of all should not exceed rated load of the hoist, and cannot be used thick heavy wire rope (avoid bad pulleys), friends, please pay attention to the problems in actual use, avoid the hoist of damage due to improper use.

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