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  • Crane Lifting Hook Blocks

    Crane forging hook Capacity: 1- 250t Pulley: 1- 12 pulley, use on overhead, gantry cranes and all kinds hoist, strength grade: M, P, S, T, V grade Materials: M grade with DG20, or DG20Mn P grade with DG20Mn S grade with DG34CrMo T grade below 40t with DG34CrMo, more than 40t...
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  • British Standard Crane Hook

    Complete product models, manufacturers direct, adequate supply of goods, strong strength, products to the world.We provide excellent after-sale service 1.steel hook is widely used for lifting appliance of crane is usually hanging under crane to lift mechanism by...
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  • Bridge Crane Block And Hook

    General purpose bridge crane: general purpose bridge crane, mainly including hook bridge crane, grab bridge crane, electromagnetic bridge crane, two use bridge crane, three use bridge crane. Its hanger is a hook type, grab type, electromagnetic sucker type of one or two or...
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  • Alloy Eye Hoist Sling Hook With Latch

    Alloy Eye Hoist Sling Hook With Latch for lifting heavy objects more connections, lifting equipment, bearing capacity from 0.5 tons to 10 tons, the product is light and agile, wide range of USES, save time and effort, I plant production of lifting hook to go safety...
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  • 10T Crane Hooks Blocks

    The 10T crane hooks blocks produced by our company is reliable in quality and welcome to purchase crane hook blocks can be divided into the following forms according to different purposes and weight: 1. Forged hook: Forged hooks are divided into single hooks and double hooks....
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  • 63T Crane Rotary Hook Blocks

    1. The 63T crane rotary hook blocks for the human-powered hoisting mechanism is tested with 1.5 times the rated load as the test load. 2. The 63T crane rotary hook blocks for the power-driven hoisting mechanism is tested with 2 times the rated load as the test load. 3. After...
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  • 50 Tons Electric Rotary Hook Blocks

    50 tons electric rotary hook blocks Note editing 1. Check the hook regularly according to the usage, the maximum time cannot exceed 1 month. 2. It is found that the hook is not flexible during use and should be stopped. 3. If the plastic deformation of the hook is found, it...
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  • 32T Electric Rotary Crane Hook Blocks

    32T electric rotary crane hook blocks The 32T electric rotary crane hook blocks can realize horizontal 360 degree rotation and up and down 180 degree flipping, and four times safety factor in any direction. Compared with the traditional DIN580 eyebolt (dead sling), it is more...
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  • 20T Electric Rotary Hook Blocks

    Advantages of 20T electric rotary hook blocks (1) Complete high-altitude alignment by yourself. This kind of hook can make the hanging object rotate around the vertical line at high altitude to meet the requirement of alignment. (2) Used in the harsh environment of harmful...
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  • 400T Single Crane Hook

    Our company specializing in the production of various crane hooks, welcome to purchase.。 400T single crane hook parameter
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  • Explosion-proof Hoist Hook

    Explosion-proof Hoist Hook are specifically designed for material suspension weighing in explosion-hazard applications such as water treatment, paint, pharmaceutical, ammonia, chlorine, acetylene, petrochemical, and military. It uses intrinsically safe batteries, sensors,...
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