About the stainless steel wheel blocks inertia these things, together to learn!
Oct 26, 2018

Stainless steel wheel group is a kind of consists of bearing box, wheel and axle of machinery and equipment, in the wheel group, its main function is used to support the crane and the load, and ensure the vehicle can be normal in orbit or on the road, in the form of wheel set in the process of using, also have a lot of parameters and performance of a kind of inertia is among the more typical.

The inertia of the stainless steel wheel group depends on the relative rotational weight of the wheel. We mentioned that this value cannot be measured directly, but more importantly, the wheel ring and tire weight.

It can be driven by a weight of 5-10 kg, wrapped around flower drum with a line of 1 meter. In this way, the higher the weight of rotation, the slower the acceleration, and the higher the speed can be achieved.

The smaller the weight relative to the rotation, the faster the acceleration, the higher the speed can be achieved.

Relative rotation weight, the overall wheel weight is also relatively heavy.

In the process of using the wheel group, its main loss is usually wear, pitting and hardening.

Therefore, the selection of materials by wheel group is particularly important.

When the wheel group is designed, it also needs to increase its abrasion resistance and impact resistance, which can extend its service life.

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