Application and existing problems of Heavy duty shackle
Jan 02, 2019

Application and existing problems of Heavy duty shackle:

As a kind of connecting piece, the lifting shackleplays a vital role in the connection between the hanging object, the spreader and the rigging, and has been widely used in the whole machinery industry. The successful development of the heavy forging shackle is It has broken the monopoly position of foreign companies in this field. However, in order to further improve the international competitiveness of heavy shackles, enterprises are required to continuously improve and optimize the problems in the process of using the combined load and intensity.

Problems with heavy lifting shackle, including problems with the body and problems with the pin. The surface of the lifting shackle body sometimes produces some small cracks, which have great safety hazards. If not treated in time, it will gradually deepen and affect the strength of the body, resulting in property damage.

As a key component connecting the shackle body and the sling, the pin of the heavy lifting shackle is often used for hoisting some of the same or a relatively low load, although the pin of the heavy shackle is not frequently disassembled. According to the customer's report, the handle is too wide and inconvenient to grasp, and occasionally the crack of the solder joint is broken, which is inconvenient and unsafe to use.

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