Attention problems during lifting and landing of the hook
Oct 09, 2018

Hoisting hooks, lifting rings and other hardware rigging devices are all important accessories in lifting operations, and some problems will appear in daily use. In order to guarantee the smooth and safe implementation of engineering operations, problems will appear in the process of ensuring descent.

Next, I will tell you the hook drop process of attention.

First of all, in the process of taking off and landing, as long as the crane starts up, the hook will be under the force.At this point, if you listen carefully at the turn valve or in the cockpit, you will hear the noise, which is the fluid flow and compression of the hydraulic oil. As long as the engine stops working, the noise will disappear naturally.So don't panic.

In addition, when the engine is stalled, it stops immediately, which means there is no problem with the hoist brake system.

If the hoist is to be checked, it should be checked against the hydraulic system analysis diagram, and the oil is first imported into the control valve with the control handle before the hoist starter can be opened.

If the fault occurs in the descending process, since the control of electrical equipment is not required when the hook is descending, the fault of electric circuit and electrical equipment can be first eliminated.

Generally, the source of the problem is pointed to the hydraulic system. Therefore, before and after operation, the hydraulic system of the crane and other equipment should be inspected in detail.

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