Can the hook block be welded after breaking?
Dec 27, 2018

Can the hook block be welded after breaking?

During the use of hook block, if it is overloaded by the hanging object, it will easily cause it to break. After the breakage, some customers continue to use hook block after welding the hook block in order to save costs. I don’t know if this is a taboo. .

Casting products such as hooks cannot be welded without authorization. If the customer needs to weld the hooks, the welding hooks can be purchased directly. The welding hook products and the so-called hooks that the user privately welds are completely different concepts. Welding hooks are not arbitrarily welded to the hooks, and users are advised not to be confused.

If the hook breaks during use, the user cannot use it after welding. In the ordinary welding, the hook cannot be loaded with heavy objects again. The hook is forged at the time of manufacture, and the hook after forging has Certain toughness, this toughness

The hook product will not easily break. Generally speaking, the break mentioned here refers to the hook that suddenly breaks the load during the operation to cause the goods to fall directly, resulting in damage to the goods or casualties, and the hook with certain toughness, if at work When the hook can not bear the weight, it will not break suddenly, and the distortion will occur first, and crack will occur when it is serious. If the user often checks whether the hook product is in good condition, there is usually no sudden break of the brother, and the hook that is welded privately does not have any toughness, and cannot be used at all. It is necessary to replace the new product.

The customer will weld the hook block after the fracture. Even after the welding, the appearance is the same as that of the unbroken hook block, but the essence has changed. If the customer continues to use such hook block, it will be very safe. Hidden danger, I hope the customer will change the hook blockimmediately after the broken pear, do not try to continue to use welding.

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