Characteristics of hot - rolled pulley block and tensioning spreader
Sep 27, 2018

The clamping force on the plate is increased by the hot-rolled pulley block and the hot-rolled plate hanger, so that the plate will not fall off during the lifting.

The hot-rolled pulley block and the hot-rolled sheet lifting device mainly include the crane hook, the beam shoulder pole, and the two ends of the beam shoulder pole are respectively hung with triangular distribution of steel rope. The two lower bottom angles of the steel rope are respectively installed with the hook head, and the lifting pulley is installed on the hook head.

The steel pipe is arranged between the two hook heads. The steel rope passes through two tightening pulleys and is installed inside the steel pipe.

The hook head includes a bracket, and the lower part of the bracket is equipped with a downward inclined hook. The outer part of the bracket is provided with an operating handle, and the steel rope is distributed in an isosceles triangle.

The hot-rolled pulley block is modified for the existing lifting gear, and the rising pulley is added on the hook head. After the lifting hook is stressed, the steel wire rope will clamp the rising pulley to the steel plate.

In this way, the steel plate will not fall off.

The low production cost and easy to use can achieve the purpose of safe lifting steel plate.

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