Composition structure of semi-closed hook blocks
Sep 27, 2018

The semi-closed hook blocks can be divided into two types according to the shape: double hook and single hook. According to the control method, it can be divided into laminated and forged hook.

The semi-closed hook blocks is mainly composed of the pulley blocks, the movable pulley and the first-level bearing of the hook. The fixed pulley which works with the hook blocks is fixed on the structure to form the pulley blocks.

The hook series mainly includes rotary hook blocks, crane hook blocks, crane hook blocks, metallurgy hook blocks, gantry crane hook blocks, hoisting crane hook blocks and so on.

Use scope of semi-closed hook blocks:

(1) petroleum;

(2) chemical industry;

Semi-enclosed hook blocks

(3) factory;

(4) ship's wharf;

(5) mines;

This closed hook blocks adopts advanced equipment with simple operation, which greatly improves the work efficiency of users and is also a kind of equipment with high quality, low loss and high safety factor. It not only improves the economic benefit of enterprises, reduces the cost of later maintenance, but also ensures the safety of workers and avoids accidents.

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