Crane wheel blocks composition and operating details
Sep 27, 2018

The crane wheel blocks includes the wheel and the axle in the middle of the wheel, and the bearing and bearing box connected with the axle. There are two annular grooves formed on the outer side of the bearing box, and two clamps formed in the groove.

Crane wheel blocks

A finite-position device is installed in the annular groove. The limiting device includes two symmetrical half-rings. There is a clip on the inner side of the half ring.

A rubber ring is formed on the wheels, and a convex piece is formed inside the rubber ring in accordance with the groove on the wheels. The outer part of the rubber ring is coated with polyurethane material.

The inner face of the limiting device is coated with damping coating. The width of the limiting device in the left and right directions is matched with the annular groove of the bearing box. The left and right sides of the bearing box are fixedly connected with the bearing end cover through bolts.

Working details of crane wheel blocks:

The bolts at the half ring end of the bearing support are fixed to match the clamps and slots. Through the matching of the clamps and slots, the limit device is installed on the wheel blocks to facilitate the removal of the limit device and improve the assembly efficiency of the crane wheel blocks.

And avoid the phenomenon that the wheel tilts due to the insufficient coordination between the limit device and the wheel blocks, the phenomenon of nibbling on the rail will occur and the wheel will be worn, which is not conducive to the normal operation of the crane.

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