Double crane hook unit to improve efficiency
Sep 27, 2018

Crane hook blocks is the necessary lifting equipment in the lifting industry.

Crane hook blocks can be divided into single Crane hook blocks and double Crane hook blocks.

In the double channel Crane hook blocks, its production is simple, with very good stress.

At the same time, the safety of the Crane hook blocks is very high, but due to the influence of gravity, most of them will be used in heavy lifting occasions.

In addition, in the process of working, the Crane hook blocks will often receive after the international, so in the choice of a good toughness of quality carbon steel for casting.

In the process of using the Crane hook blocks, timely maintenance will improve its efficiency.

(1) pulley shall be equipped with protective cover, and there should be no abnormal sound when rotating, and the dangerous section shall be worn. The equipment shall be inspected once every half a year, and the inspection shall not exceed 10% of the original size.

Double hook hook set

(2) the rotation state of the hook should be rotated by hand regularly. If normal, it should be light and flexible, and the opening degree of the hook should be checked timely, not exceeding 5% of the original size. Bolts and pins should be checked regularly.

(3) in the Crane hook blocks, its bearing and bearing shell should be checked for cracks and serious wear in a short time, and threads and nuts should also be checked;

The above is the way to improve the efficiency of double channel Crane hook blocks. If you want to know more information, please lock our official website. We will update it in the later period.

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