Durability analysis of European wheel blocks
Sep 27, 2018

European wheel blocks is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used. In the wheel blocks, it is composed of bearing, wheel and axle. Meanwhile, in the wheel blocks, the wheel is the mechanism supporting the whole lifting load, which can make repeated movement on the crane.

Eurowheel set

Research surface: under online contact conditions, the surface hardness of wheels should not be lower than HE300, and the hardness from 10 to 12mm away from the tread surface should not be lower than HB235. For trolley wheels, they are usually first contacted. As the track of the trolley is easy to find and the contact conditions are good, it is feasible for the trolley wheels to use surface rubbing to make the hardened layer 4-5mm deep.

Under the condition of point contact, the shear stress distribution gradient in the wheel tread should be taken into account. In this case, the wheel tread hardness should be hb340-380, and the service life of the wheel should be easily guaranteed.

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