European - style wheel blocks is an indispensable part of crane
Sep 27, 2018

The European wheel blocks is mainly used for the more advanced European crane at present. The wheels are light in weight, small in volume and convenient for installation.

European wheel blocks of forged wheel piece more, mainly by the car wheel shaft, wheel, bearing housing and bearing four parts, because of the need to directly match with triad reducer, do not need through the shaft coupling, reason this kind of wheel assembling accuracy requirements are very high, the car wheel and axle is 40 crmo material, need to deal with the modulation after rough machining, heat treatment hardness of HB300.The wheel plate is forged 42CrMo, which is interference fit with the wheel shaft, and is connected with the flat key. The wheel plate is modulated, and the heat treatment hardness is hb300-hb380. The bearing box is composed of cast steel 25-30.Bearing USES advanced NSK, SKF bearing, long service life, reliable quality, relatively expensive price.As there is no uniform standard of European crane in domestic crane industry, this kind of wheel is provided with drawings and customized by demander.

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