Factors influencing the use of wire rope clamp
Oct 09, 2018

Steel wire rope clip head is an indispensable part when steel wire rope is hoisted.

Moreover, the safety of wire rope clip head will directly affect the safety of production and life.

Next, I would like to tell you about the wire rope card head damaged several factors.

The first point -- the most important place for the wire rope clip is the u-ring place, that is, the place where the wire rope is clamped.

Its quality and the ability to resist pressure will be directly related to the quality of products and use of the situation.

Clamping base and clamping groove of the clamping head shall be ensured smooth and smooth, pointed edges, rising mouths, etc., and the body shall be free of cracks, sand inclusion, pores, casting scars, wrong boxes and other defects.

Replace or scrap treatment should be considered when such defects occur.

Second, the appearance and surface treatment of the wire rope clip should be guaranteed.

When the surface of the clamps is uneven, the safety ring cannot be buckled, and the surface treatment is rough and rusted, the scrap and replacement should be considered.

Third point - screw thread, screw, etc. of the card head are not allowed to have defects, let alone the use of slip-wire products for operation. When the screw QQ is incomplete, it should be replaced in time.

Any regular manufacturer's products should have a clear mark.

The relevant model number, breaking force and so on should be printed on the label.

No matter be galvanization of electricity, hot galvanization or spray model, the surface of should assure card head is level off and smooth, cannot appear more damage and the phenomenon of uneven surface treatment.

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