High Performance lifting hammerlock link
Jan 02, 2019

High Performance lifting hammerlock link:

The Hammerlock Link is load rated and made from grade 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. Use these stainless steel hammerlock links when high strength is desired.

The lifting hammerlock link is made of high-quality carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel forging and heat treatment. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight and high strength. The maximum test load is twice the rated load and the minimum breaking load is 4 times of the rated load.

lifting hammerlock link, simple shape, easy to use, suitable for G80 chain, G80 eye hook and G80 rotation between each other, after heat treatment, forged from special alloy steel.

Our lifting hammerlock link is made of high tough double steel sleeve, high toughness pin and 80 double ring.

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