How does crane hooks lift the heavy object?
Nov 21, 2018

A hook is a component of lifting heavy objects.. It is generally used with cranes. Hang on the crane, lift the heavy object up to a high place or transfer to another place.

Hooks play a very important role in the crane, although they only play a supporting role. Their combination makes the work efficiency greatly improved. And this structure is very simple and the working principle is very simple. Hooks are also generally small and exquisite.

There are two types of hook groups, the long hook group and the short hook group. The long hook group uses a short hook with its pulley shaft on top and the hook beam on the lower side. It is mounted on the pull plate in parallel. The number of moving pulleys can be single or double, the hook beam is shorter, and the force is better. The length of the volume used is correspondingly shorter. The short hook group has a pulley shaft which is also a hook beam, which eliminates the pulling plate, but the number of pulleys is symmetrical on both sides. In order to prevent the hook from rotating when the hook is rotated, a long hook is used. However, the overall height of the hook block is small.

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