How to check the bow shackle
Dec 27, 2018

How to check the bow shackle? 

The national standard bow Shackle  includes general lifting shackles, marine shackles and ordinary shackles. The weight is heavy and the volume is large, and it is generally not installed in a position that is not frequently disassembled. Pay attention to the safety factor when selecting the shackle, generally 4 times, 6 times and 8 times. When using the shackle, the rated load must be strictly observed. Excessive use and overloading are not allowed.

1, regular sound bow Shackle 

2, the tensile and wear of the opening of the main body of the bow Shackle  buckle, the elongation of the shape means that the metal is overloaded.

Check if the shackle ball and the screw hole are twisted, and the distortion indicates excessive lateral load.

4. Check all bow Shackle  pins for deformation, surface flaws, wear and breakage.

5. All pins must be straight and all screw holes must exactly match the pins.

6, please replace the bent, over 10% of the original diameter excessive wear, with a deformation pin, or a bow Shackle  with a deformed screw hole.

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