How to deal with the problem of double beam hook block pulley
Sep 27, 2018

The double beam hook blocks is composed of the hook and pulley, of which the role of pulley is very important. Next, we will learn about the maintenance mode of the pulley.

Removal of pulley from double beam hook blocks:

(1) unscrew nut 27, bolt 28 and remove slide wheel cover 6;

(2) remove lock nut 15 and pin 14, washer 17/18/13;

(3) pull the whole pulley blocks out of the pulley shaft 8 with a puller;

(4) take down the pressure cover 9, make the bearing with copper bar, take out the interval sleeve 19, take out the expansion ring 20, the last bearing in the hitting pulley 7, the pulley will be disassembled.

Double beam hook blocks

Pulley overhaul of double beam hook block:

(1) clean the pulley, check the abrasion condition of the pulley, and replace it in time if it exceeds the scrapping standard. The cast steel pulley can be manufactured without rebottle car.

(2) the oil hole and lubricating oil groove of the roller shaft shall be cleaned and the bearing, spacing ring and expansion ring shall be cleaned before loading.

Above is the solution to the problem of the double-beam hook block pulley. If you want to know more information, please lock our official website. We will update it in the later period

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