How to use electronic hook scale more safely
Oct 17, 2018

1. Overload of electronic hook scale is strictly prohibited. When loading the weight, it should be as uniform and steady as possible to avoid large shaking.

2. The communication distance of the hook scales for wireless transmission is restricted by various factors. Under the following circumstances, the communication distance may be affected:

(1) there are obstacles between the instrument and the scale body.

(2) the power supply of the weighing transmitter is insufficient.

(3) there is interference source nearby or the ambient temperature is too low.

3. The hook scale does not record the weight before the object is fully lifted or when it is shaking violently.

4. It is strictly forbidden to lift heavy objects or pull them as part of steel cable.

5. When the factory needs to increase the hook scale, it should be careful not to buy the hook scale with the same frequency as before.

6. During the hoisting operation, attention should be paid to avoid the deviation of transmitter frequency caused by the violent collision between the hoisted items and the balance body.

7. Pay attention to whether the antenna on the scale and instrument is installed and complete when starting up.

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