Improper use of shackles increases the chance of accident
Jan 02, 2019

Improper use of shackles increases the chance of accident:

The anchor shackle is divided into two types, D type and bow type, which can be used as end fittings to directly hoist items or constitute a disturbing rigging connector. Improper use of the shackle will increase the chance of a safety accident, so you should pay attention to the following points during use:

1. The shackle must be forged. It is usually made by heat treatment after forging steel No. 20 to eliminate residual stress and increase its toughness. Do not use shackles for casting and repair welding.

2. When using, the load should not exceed the specified load. The pin and the top of the anchor shackle should be used. The force should not be applied laterally (laterally). The lateral use will cause the anchor shackle to deform.

3. When the hanging object is lifted, the top of the anchor shackle should be placed under the horizontal cross pin, so that the rope anchor shackle is pressed against the pin shaft after the force is applied. The pin shaft generates friction force in the pin hole due to the force, so that the pin shaft is not easy to escape.

4. Do not throw the shackle from the height to prevent the shackle from colliding and deforming and causing internal losses and cracks.

5, the surface is smooth, not allowed to have cracks, heavy skin, over burning, scoring, deformation, flash and sharp angle.

6. The shackle is not allowed to be stacked, and it is not allowed to stack pressure to prevent deformation of the shackle.

7. When cracks and deformations occur in the shackle, it is strictly forbidden to repair the shackle by welding and heating and bending.

8. The shackle surface should be protected against rust and should not be stored in acid, alkali, salt, chemical gas, humid or high temperature environment.

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