installation requirements for hook group
Nov 30, 2018

What are the requirements for hook group installation?

The hook group is one of the key components of the crane machinery. There are two types of hooks and hooks. The hooks are cast, welded, and the new hooks must be certified with technical qualifications. Otherwise, safety is required. Technical inspection, inspection performance can only be used.

Technical inspection projects include:

Material inspection, hook material should be made of high quality low carbon killed steel or low carbon alloy steel. Load test, human-driven lifting mechanism with hook, with 1.5 times rated load as inspection load;

The hook should be able to reliably support twice the inspection load without falling off, and have a security device to prevent accidental decoupling of the hoisting weight;

After the hook is unloaded to the inspection load, the opening shall not increase by more than 0.25% of the original opening without any obvious defects and deformation. Surface inspection, the surface of the hook should be smooth, no peeling, sharp angle, burrs, cracks, etc.; marking and document inspection, including certificate, rated lifting capacity, manufacturer name, inspection mark, production number, etc.

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