Introduction of lifting hook
Nov 08, 2018

Hoisting machinery: Hook series

Eye-shaped grapple croissant grapple eye-shaped glide hook horn hook with tongue-eye hook

Gable hook with tongue G43/G70 eye hook Original color straight bar cargo hook G70G43 Rotary hook G80 Eye hook

G80 eye hooks Electroplated hooks Original color Italian single eye hook G80 horn hooks Australian style horn hooks

Type 80 G-hooks Australian-style claw hooks Alloy steel classification hooks Alloy steel container hooks Eye-shaped tongue slide hooks

Eye hook hook hook eye hook chrome ring eye hook G80 eye hook

Hoisting hook H buckle S hook Plating hook Eye-shaped slipperless hook

G80 eye-shaped thin-winged hook G80 eye-shaped sliding hook G80 eye-shaped sliding hook shaped sliding hook special hook

Triangle hook

High-precision electronic hook scale OCS: Features:

* Automatic voltage display for power on and off.

* Good dynamic weighing performance, which does not affect the weighing result due to the shaking of heavy objects.

* With wireless remote control for easy operation.

* Accumulation, automatic accumulation, peeling, long-distance peeling, numerical value retention, display index value selection, and arbitrary weight correction.

* Overload, underload reminder display, low voltage alarm, alarm when battery capacity is less than 10%.

* Automatic shutdown function to prevent battery damage caused by forgetting to shut down

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