Is it a crane hook knot?
Oct 31, 2018

During the lifting and landing of heavy objects, the hook knot is made on the hook to prevent the important falling off and cause accidental injury, so as to guarantee the safe lifting of heavy objects.

So for the hoisting equipment how the hook knot is hit, is it safe?


In order to prevent the slings from falling off or sliding when the slings are hung on the crane hooks, the hook knots as shown below can be used.



The connection of wires and wires in electrical lighting and the connection of wires and electrical components are called wiring.

Common connection position is in lamp holder box, junction box, switch box, hanging cable box (commonly known as shilling), lamp head, switch and socket, etc.

Since most common faults in circuit operation occur at these connections, these connection points have certain requirements:

The connection resistance should be small.

The connection of the lead wire cannot bear force and should be strong enough.

Insulation should be good;

The runtime should be reliable.

Attention should be paid to: when wire wires are insulated with wires, the core should not be damaged by electrical tools or wire cutters.

After the hole is connected with the electrical components, the non-insulated section of the conductor head cannot be too long, and 1 ~ 3ram is appropriate according to the thickness of the conductor.

When connecting with screw or nut, the wire should be twisted after being twisted in the direction of screw. (the reverse direction is wound on the screw, and the wire will be loose when being tightened.) as shown in the figure below.


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