It is more effective to use the cast-steel wheel blocks with clamp
Sep 27, 2018


In order to solve the problem that the positioning part of the wheel blocks adopts welding structure, the precision is low, and the positioning should be adjusted continuously during the installation.

Composition and construction of cast-steel cast-iron wheel blocks with clamps:

Including the wheel, the wheel is fixed on the wheel axle, and the wheel axle is fixed on the bearing pedestal through the rotation of the bearing.

The open groove includes the groove edge of two parallel Settings and the arc groove bottom connecting the two groove edges. The maximum chord of the arc groove bottom grows at the distance between the two groove edges.

The bearing pedestal has a column mounting part, and the mounting part is provided with at least one positioning plane. The extension direction of the positioning plane is consistent with that of the mounting part.

The maximum distance in the vertical positioning plane direction of the mounting part corresponds to the distance between the two groove edges, and the diameter of the mounting part corresponds to the diameter of the bottom of the arc groove.

The clamp-type cast steel wheel group is installed on the end beam clamp. The end beam clamp is made of the whole precision boring machine. Compared with welding, the accuracy is greatly improved.

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