Knowledge of the use of sling
Oct 17, 2018

1. Proper sling must be selected according to the weight and geometric dimensions of the sling during operation.

2. The steel wire rope shall not be used in any of the following circumstances:

A. The breaking speed increases when the stock is broken or used;

B. The phenomenon of twisting and twisting dead knots, dead bends, flattening, obvious strapping, undulating, outer flying of steel wire, extrusion of rope core and breaking of strands occurs;

C. The diameter of wire rope is reduced by 7% ~ 10%;

D. The abrasion or corrosion degree of the steel wire on the surface of the wire rope hoisted by the equipment reaches more than 40% of the surface diameter, or the surface hemp mark is clear after the steel wire rope is corroded

See, the whole steel wire rope is obviously hardened.

3. Check the quality certificate of the newly purchased sling before using, and try the sling to confirm the safety.

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