Matters needing attention for crane pulley block installation
Sep 27, 2018

The crane pulley block is a very important part on the crane. Its use can easily change the direction of the force, while the mechanical efficiency of the pulley block is determined by the gravity of the pulley block, the friction and the gravity of the object being pulled.

During the operation of the pulley group, the following points should be noted:

Crane pulley block


1. Strictly operate according to the safe lifting weight of pulley, and overload is prohibited.

There should be nameplates on pulleys and pulley groups, indicating the size, type and performance of pulleys, lifting should be selected according to the nameplate requirements.

If pulley does not indicate safe lifting weight, the diameter of pulley, the thickness of shaft and clamping wall plate can be estimated.

2. Before using, check the pulley groove, axle, splint, hook or lifting ring and other parts to see if there is any crack or damage.

If the pulley or the hook is found to be deformed and cracked, and the positioning device of the shaft is not perfect, it shall be strictly prohibited to use.

When lifting or transporting equipment, when the pulley is under force, the operation of the moving parts should be checked to see if there is a place for the clamping or grinding of the rope. If there is any problem, it should be adjusted immediately.

3. It is forbidden to use hook pulley in places where the bearing direction changes greatly and in the high-altitude work. The hoisting ring pulley should be adopted to prevent decoupling.

If the conditions are limited, the lifting hook pulley must be installed on the block device.

4. Pulley and steel wire rope must be properly matched when hoisting.

If the wheel groove is narrow and the steel wire rope is thick, the wheel rim will be damaged by the steel wire rope extrusion, and the steel wire rope will be seriously damaged: if the wheel groove is too wide, the steel wire rope will be compressed and easy to be damaged after bearing force. Generally, it is advisable to choose the width of the wheel groove which is 1 ~ 2.5mm larger than the diameter of the steel wire rope.

5. During the operation of the pulley group, it is strictly forbidden to use hands to directly grasp the walking wire rope.

At the same time, in order to avoid getting stuck in the wheel groove, check whether the traction direction of the wire rope and the position of the guide pulley are correct.

I believe that through the above introduction, we have learned more about the installation precautions of crane pulley group, and we will pay more attention to this content in the future use.

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