overhead crane hook technology and application
Dec 27, 2018

Overhead crane hook technology and application

overhead crane hooks are the most common type of hardware rigging. The lifting hooks are generally combined by means of auxiliary machinery such as lifting gears and pulley blocks on the lifting and lowering wire ropes.

According to the shape, overhead crane hook is divided into a single hook and a double hook, and is also called a forged hook according to the manufacturing process.

Lifting single hooks are very convenient to manufacture and use, but due to process and other reasons, their stress is not good, and they are often used in construction conditions below 80 tons; when working conditions; when construction conditions are heavier or When big, double hooks are often used.

The process of forging hooks is forged, galvanized or sprayed with a large surface. However, when cracks appear on the surface of the hook, it will affect the safety of the hook.

Overhead crane hook are widely used in petroleum, mining, ship docks, factories, construction and other industries. The lifting quality of general products ranges from 5t to 150, which can ensure the smooth operation of the work.

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