Precautions during the lifting and lowering of lifting hook
Dec 27, 2018

Precautions during the lifting and lowering of lifting hook:

Hardware rigging such as lifting hooks and lifting slings are important parts and equipments in lifting operations. Some problems will occur in daily use, in order to ensure the smooth and safe operation of engineering operations, and problems arise in the process of ensuring the decline. Below, I will tell you about the precautions in the process of hook drop.

First of all, during the take-off and landing process, the crane will be forced to drop as soon as the crane is started. At this time, if you listen carefully in the steering valve or in the cab, you will hear a squeaking sound. This is the sound of the hydraulic oil flowing and being compressed. This sound will naturally disappear as soon as the engine stops working. So don't panic.

In addition, when the engine is turned off, it immediately stops falling, which means that there is no problem with the hoisting brake system. If you want to check the winch, you should use the control handle to introduce the oil into the control valve before you can check the hydraulic system. If there is a failure during the lowering process, since the hooks and the like do not require electrical control when descending, it is first necessary to eliminate faults such as circuits and electrical appliances. Generally, the source of the problem is directed to the hydraulic system. Therefore, before and after the operation, the hydraulic system of the crane and other equipment must be inspected in detail.

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