Scientific construction of crane wheel blocks to meet its multiple applications
Sep 27, 2018

Crane wheel blocks is a key part in lifting equipment.

Its function is mainly used to support hoisting equipment and load.


Crane wheel blocks

Wheel blocks are installed to enable lifting equipment to make reciprocating movement on the track.

When using the wheel blocks, we should choose quality products, regular maintenance, and do not use seriously worn products.

Generally speaking, the main forms of wheel damage are wear, hardened layer crushing and pitting.

In order to strengthen the quality of the wheel group, our company strictly checks the quality during production.

From material selection to processing, every step is very exquisite.

(1) materials

Use zg430-640 cast steel.

(2) processing requirements

In order to improve the wear resistance strength and life of the wheel surface, the tread should be subjected to surface heat treatment. The surface hardness is required to be hb300-350 and the quenching depth should not be less than 20mm.

At the same time, in the use of crane wheel group, also want to note: crane wheel running mechanism of horizontal deflection value is an important technical parameters of the crane, can lead to gnaw rail deflection error, increase the running resistance, vibration and noise, intensify rail and wheel wear and greatly reduce the service life of the crane, so all kinds of crane manufacturing technology conditions for the wheels, the value of horizontal deflection rules permit.

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