single crane hooks vs crane hook blocks
Nov 30, 2018

The crane hook group is a very important lifting component on the equipment. Its use is to make the lifting of the cargo more convenient, and also to ensure the safety of the lifting of the equipment. Therefore, the quality of the crane hook group is also highly valued. However, because of the different places used, the style of the crane hook group will be different in design, for example, the difference between single and double hooks, rotating hook.

The single hook is simple to manufacture and easy to use, but the force is not good, and it is mostly used in work places with a lifting weight of 80 tons or less; when the lifting weight is large, the double hook with force symmetry is often used.

The laminated hook group is riveted by several pieces of cut and formed steel plates. When the individual plates are cracked, the entire hook group will not be damaged, and the safety is good, but the weight is large, and it is mostly used for lifting weight or lifting steel. On the crane of the barrel.

The hook group is often subjected to impact during the operation and must be made of high-quality carbon steel with good toughness.

The hook group is very broadly classified and generally includes:

Shackles, rings, rings, pear rings, long rings, combination rings, S hooks, nose hooks, American hook sets, horn hooks, eye hooks, safety card eyebolts, chain shackles, Unique, novel, high quality and safe.

The hook group is widely used in factories, mines, chemical oils and ship docks to ensure its safety and safety factor. The static load has reached 3 times and the lifting capacity has also ranged from 5-150 tons.

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