Standard for scrapping Marine hook blocks
Sep 27, 2018

Marine hook blocks is a kind of hook blocks commonly used at present.

Standard of scrapping hook:

(1) the surface of the hook is cracked;

(2) the torsional deformation of more than 10 °;

(3) wear of the dangerous section reaches 10% of the original size;

(4) when the opening degree is 15% higher than the original size;

(5) repair welding after the hook wear;

(6) the abrasion of the schist hook bushing reaches 50% of the original size;

Marine hook set

(7) the abrasion of the disc hook mandrel reaches 5% of the original size;

(8) wear resistant plate of plate hook up to 50% of the original size shall be scrapped;

(9) there is lateral deformation on the plate type hook plate. When the bending radius of deformation is greater than 20 times the thickness of the plate, it must be replaced.

If the above situation occurs to your ship hook group, it shall be disposed as scrap to avoid accidental accident.

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