The benefits of large crane hook blocks
Sep 27, 2018

An important feature of the large crane hook blocks is that its two sliding axles are parallel to each other. There are mounting holes in the middle of the hook body, and there are grooves for mounting bearings in the middle lower part of the mounting holes, through which the hook body is installed above the spherical roller thrust bearing.

This feature has three major benefits:

1. As the crane pulley bracket is connected with the balance beam through the hinge axle respectively, the balance beam can swing around the hinge axle through the hinge axle , so as to adjust the deflection problem caused by the change of the length of the wire rope wound on the two blocks of pulley.

2. As the upper part of the lifting hook nut is equipped with spherical roller thrust bearing, the lifting hook body is placed above the spherical roller thrust bearing, so that the lifting hook body can rotate freely in the horizontal direction;

Spherical roller bearings are installed between the lifting hook body and the lifting hook shaft, which can not only withstand the horizontal force but also play a role in reducing the friction of the lifting hook body when rotating;

3. Because of the way of separating the hook body and the hook shaft, the mounting hole is designed in the middle of the hook body, and the bearing groove is installed in the lower part of the middle of the mounting hole, making the processing and installation of the large forged hook shaft and the forging hook body easier and easier to realize, so that the size is not limited.

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