The control of circular beat on the end face of the train wheel blocks
Sep 27, 2018

First of all, the coaxiality of axle hole and tread of the train wheel blocks directly affects the crane operation state.

Secondly, considering the assembly and measurement of vertical and horizontal deflection of line wheels after assembly, the wheel should give a datum plane, which is also crucial to ensure the normal operation of crane.

It is stipulated in GB4628 -- 1984 that 1.5mm v-shaped groove should be driven out by the wheel as a mark of the datum.

According to relevant national standards, the wheels assembled on the crane should beat 0.10-0.15mm on the circumference of the diameter according to different diameters.

In order to meet the above requirements, the tread, shaft hole and base surface of the wheel must be clamped at one time.

In addition, the lathe equipment should also meet the corresponding accuracy requirements.

Reel blocks

At present, the production equipment of some manufacturers is aging, and some manufacturers use second-hand machine tools, and the wheel processing with such equipment will have a significant impact on the processing precision of the wheel blocks.

In addition, we also found that some driving wheel datums were not marked in the inspection, which should be highly valued by us.

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