The difference between nominal and actual dimensions of the sling
Oct 17, 2018

The customer will be elongated in the process of using the sling (such as the sling), so its size is not fixed. Thus, there are two versions between nominal size and actual size. Therefore, it is easy to cause confusion in concept.

The nominal size of the sling is the size indicated in the product specification, and the actual size is the size you can measure yourself.

The specification and model of the case of interest are 5t*10m. After receiving the goods, your measured size is 5t*11.05m. Then 10m is the nominal size, while 11.05m is the actual size.

The explanation of the magic rigging, I believe you should be able to distinguish between the nominal and actual dimensions of the rigging.

When the nominal size of the sling and the actual size are different to a certain extent, it means that the sling will be scrapped. This specific difference shall be determined according to the type of the sling and the use time and other factors, so more attention should be paid to the safety issue by the customer.

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