The logo meaning of bolt shackle
Jan 02, 2019

The logo meaning of bolt shackle:

Bolt shackle is a kind of sling, which is widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railway, chemical, port, mining, construction and other industries. The safety factor of the shackle is 4 times, 5 times, 6 times and 8 times.

Bolt shackle is a branch of the shackle. When the round pin shackle and the bolt shackle are used, the bolt shackle can be used. In addition, the shackle for permanent or long-term use, the load causes the shackle rollover, etc. The bolt bolt can be rotated under the bolt; the secondary locking device of the bolt type shackle uses the nut and safety proof to eliminate the locking requirement before each lifting or load movement; the bolt type shackle must be confirmed to have a safety lock before use.


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