Use of eye hook and matters needing attention
Oct 17, 2018

The eye hook should pay attention to the environmental conditions when working with the rigging, and the rigging should not be twisted and knotted.

In the lifting process, the lifting articles are strictly prohibited from collision and impact.

At present, the ring hook is generally forged single hook, casting hook is not allowed to be used on the crane, and the ring hook is widely made of low carbon steel and carbon alloy steel.

The crane hook plays the role of connecting crane and weight, so it must be paid attention to its maintenance.

For this reason, the lifting height limiter of the hook or the hook locking device is broken or damaged, absolutely not to be used again;

As to work without a license, the leader should be held accountable.

In order to ensure safety, the hook should be inspected, and should be scrapped when one of the following situations is found.

Crack appeared in crack.

The wear amount of the dangerous section is less than 5% of the original height of the hook manufactured by GBl0051.2.

Hooks manufactured to the industry standard should be more than 10% of the original size.

Increased opening in India by 15%.

Torsion deformation is greater than 10 degrees.

Dangerous cross section or hook neck to produce plastic deformation.

The ring sleeve shall be scrapped when the wear amount of the ring sleeve is up to 50% of the original size.

When the wear amount of the roller hook mandrel reaches 5% of the original size, the mandrel should be scrapped.

Also note that the above defects of the hook shall not be soldered.

Main methods for inspection of hook:

In practice, the use of visual observation, use magnifying glass carefully.

If necessary, the method can be used colouring, or inspection.

The wear of dangerous section can be measured by caliper or caliper;

The test of the opening is that the size measured by the caliper can be compared with the original size or the opening of the standard hook.

Here is a simple and applicable method: when the new crane hook is first used, a small hole is punched out on both sides of the opening of the hook body, and the distance between the two holes is measured and recorded.

It is used to compare and contrast with the size of the hook after deformation in the future to judge the change of the opening degree.

Torsion deformation can be measured by eye or by the side of a steel ruler, and can be detected by a scriber on the platform when accuracy is required.

The items of DPM, mi and dmu can be measured by sight or by caliper.

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