What is a rail crane hook blocks
Sep 27, 2018

Main reasons for using the crane hook blocks of track and rail:

Because of the convenience and speed of railway transportation and the low price, the train has not only become a common mode of travel, but also shoulder the mission of long-distance transportation and various logistics.

Especially in recent years, the continuous operation of high-speed trains and high-speed trains has increased the demand for railways.

Therefore, higher and higher requirements have been put forward for the installation of the railway main body track one by one. The traditional track lifting equipment USES ordinary lifting hooks to be hung on the train, which can only be hoisted one at a time, far lower than the rated load of the train.

Not only is it easy to loosen and cause accidents, but it is also inefficient, so traditional track hooks need to be improved.

At this point, a new kind of equipment is needed, called a track crane hook blocks.

The crane hook blocks of this road and rail is arranged symmetrically for two hooks of the same specifications, which has the advantages of stable hoisting, safety and reliability.

Each hook has 3 pairs of hooks, and can be hoisted up to 3 rail at the same time, which has the advantage of high hoisting efficiency.

Generally speaking, the crane hook blocks of this track has the advantages of simple installation, reliable hoisting, convenient operation and high efficiency.

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