What is crane hook group?
Nov 30, 2018

Introduction of the crane hook group

The crane hook group can be divided into two types:steel crane hooks and forged crane hooks. Forged crane hooks are also divided into single hooks and double hooks. Single hooks are used for cranes below 80t, and double hooks can be used for overhead cranes above 80t.

The steel hook is formed by riveting a plurality of steel plates cut into a hook shape. A pad is provided at the hook opening to reduce the wear on the hook body and to distribute the load on each hook piece. It is mainly used on cranes and metallurgical cranes with large lifting weights.

The crane hook group is one of the important force components of the crane. It not only bears the weight of the crane, but also bears the impact load generated by the hanging object during the starting and braking of the mechanism. Therefore, the material of the hook group is not only high. Mechanical strength, but also better toughness. The material of the forged crane hook is usually 20, 20SiMn steel, and the plate hook is commonly used Q235 and 16Mn steel. Therefore, we need to select different hooks according to the type of hooks. Only when the products are selected according to the needs can the safety of the large cranes be guaranteed.

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