What kind of manufacturing method is used for double hook blocks
Sep 27, 2018

The double channel hook blocks is a common hook widely used at present.

In the hook blocks, the pulley block and other components are needed to be suspended on the wire rope of the lifting mechanism.

In the hook blocks, the shape of the hook has double hook and single hook.

If the method can be divided into laminated and forged hook blocks.

Double hook hook set according to the method of making worry die forging hook and laminated hook.

Die forging hook is the whole forging, because the cost is low, manufacturing and use is very convenient, the use quantity is very large, the shortcoming is that the whole should be scrapped once the damage is done.

Laminated sheet hook is formed by cutting multi-sheet steel failure is limited to a few steel plate, generally will not be at the same time overall fracture, so the working reliability is better than the overall forged hook, mainly used in the air weight or metallurgical crane.

In the forging process of double groove hook set, the defects caused by forging can be effectively avoided through advanced technology improvement.

And the manufacturing of the hook blocks is simple, with high stress.

Because the weight of the hook blocks is large, it is mainly used for lifting the steel water and lifting the crane.

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