What problems will appear during the construction of crane wheel blocks
Sep 27, 2018

Crane wheel blocks is an indispensable part of crane accessories. During its operation, the horizontal deflection value of the wheel blocks is mainly adopted according to the different product layout.

Compared with the commonly used and relatively simple design structure, the wheel group is assembled on the bracket to form the wheel group. On the main layout of the crane, the device adjusts the horizontal deflection of the wheel appropriately and then fixes it.

Crane operation organization of wheel blocks of horizontal deflection value is an important skill crane parameters, will form the deflection error gnaw rail, increase running resistance, shock and noise, increase the track and wheel and wear, reduce the service life of the crane, so all kinds of crane manufacture, technique conditions are at the wheel blocks of horizontal deflection specifications promise of value.

Wheel blocks are often used in construction machinery or other industries. What if something goes wrong in the process?

Crane wheel blocks

In the application process, the control mechanism wheel group horizontal deviation value is mainly based on the structure of different products to take corresponding measures.

The common design structure of the wheel group and the relatively simple process measures is that the wheels are assembled on the supports to form the wheel group. On the crane main structure, the wheels are installed and fixed after adjusting the horizontal deflection of the wheels.

The disadvantage of the wheel group is that the wheel group of lifting accessories only plays the role of fixed wheels, and it is difficult to adjust the wheels after installation.

If the manufacturing error of the main structure makes the horizontal adjustment of the wheel group mounting position difficult or infinitely adjustable, a lot of repair work is needed to complete the mechanism assembly, which is bound to increase the cost and the manufacturing cycle.

After the crane was put into use, the wheel group was out of tolerance due to the deformation of the main structure or stress release, so the wheel group of lifting accessories should be removed and adjusted for assembly, or the deformation of the structure should be corrected by flame. The repair work is complex and the accuracy is difficult to control, which will inevitably increase the cost and affect the product quality and reputation.

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