What safety device should be installed on the lifting hook of the tower crane?
Nov 08, 2018

1. Hook safety device. It mainly prevents the detachment of the rigging caused by the weight drop being hindered when the crane is working. The device is provided with a spring gland at the opening of the hook, and the gland cannot be opened upwards and can only be pressed downward to prevent the rigging from coming out of the opening.

2. Reel safety device. It is mainly to prevent the wire rope from being able to align on the reel when the transmission mechanism is broken, so that over the end flange of the reel, an accident such as biting the rope occurs.

3. Climbing retainer

(1) When the height of the passage of the ladder is greater than 5 m, the retainer is set from 2 m above the platform. The retaining ring should be kept intact, and there should be no excessive deformation, less circle, and open welding.

(2) When the ladder is installed inside the structure, if the distance between the ladder and the structure is less than 1.2m, there is no retainer.

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