What should you pay attention to when lifting heavy objects
Oct 31, 2018

Lifting hook is often used in cranes. It is the connecting part for lifting heavy objects. It plays an important role in lifting heavy objects.

In life, we will find that sometimes due to inaccurate weight measurement, the weight of heavy objects may be greater than the weight of the hook, which is very dangerous.

In addition, there will be shedding during the heavy lifting, which brings great danger to the work of heavy lifting. Then what problems should we pay attention to in the face of heavy lifting?

No person is allowed to stay or pass in the lifting working area. No person is allowed to pass or stay under the extension arm and the hanging object.

When lifting heavy objects, you should generally take the express way, which is strictly forbidden to cross over people's heads.

Heavy lifting must not remain in the air for long.

During a short stay in the air, operators and controllers are not allowed to leave their posts.

These are the things to pay attention to in the process of heavy lifting. If you need more information, please continue to pay attention to us.

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