Why does the crane wheel blocks tilt outward
Sep 27, 2018

Crane wheel blocks is a very important part of crane. We found that it often tilts slightly outwards during installation. However, this inclined range is generally not large.


Crane wheel blocks steering wheel tilting can improve the safety of the wheel.

The outward inclination of the wheel can generate a component force along the direction of the steering knuckle axis, forcing the wheels of the crane wheel blocks to press the inner axle, reducing the pressure of the fixing nut on the outer end of the steering knuckle.

The external inclination Angle of the group steering wheel can also offset the effect of the front axle's deformation due to heavy loads, or offset the loose width of the rolling bearing of the knuckle, the main platinum sliding bearing and the bushing to avoid the inclination of the steering wheel.

Too much pressure on the outer bearing increases the risk of the knuckle breaking when the steering wheel group tilts inward, and the steering wheel is heavy.

After assembling the steering knuckle, the head end of the wheel set axle shall be downward, and the steering wheel shall also be outward inclined.

This is why the wheels of the crane wheel blocks are slightly tilted outward, and because of this, the crane wheel blocks is more secure to use.

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