Why electric hoist hook blocks?
Sep 27, 2018

Electric hoist hook blocks reduce the horizontal stress of mounting seat to avoid potential safety hazards and ensure the safety of use.

The electric hoist hook assembly includes the hook body and the hook mounting seat. The hook body is composed of the hook hook head connecting the hook hook cake, which is installed in the hook mounting seat.

The characteristics of electric hoist hook blocks are as follows:

Electric hoist hook blocks

The mounting seat of the hook consists of two symmetrical shell bodies. The inner side of the shell is provided with the mounting groove of the hook fixation ring and the mounting groove of single thrust ball bearing successively from top to bottom.

Hook hook bread by hook fixed ring and single thrust ball bearing and hook slot, single thrust ball bearing retainer ring installation by internal energy 360 ° rotation;

The electric hoist hook blocks is simple in structure and firmly connected, which can effectively reduce the horizontal stress of the hook mounting seat, reduce potential safety hazards, and ensure smooth and safe operation.

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