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Technical Requirements For Hooks
Aug 30, 2018

1, the purchase hook should be the manufacturer's certificate and other technical documents can be used; important Department of procurement hooks such as: railways, ports, etc., the hook Factory Strict inspection (flaw detection).

2, the hook shall not affect the safety of the use of the performance of the defect; Hook defects shall not be welded, hook surface should be smooth, no cracks, folding, acute angle, burr, stripping, over-burning and other defects.

3, the hook opening at the shortest distance to select two suitable location to print the logo is not easy to wear, measured the distance of the sign, as the use of the detection of the opening is the basis for change. 4, the hook material can choose 20 high-quality carbon steel or hook special materials dg20mn, Dg34crmo and other forged, strictly prohibit the use of casting hooks.

Materials for Board Hooks general application A3, C3 plain carbon steel, or 16Mn low alloy steel

5, the technical conditions of the self-made hook should comply with GB 10051.1-88~GB 10051.5-88 (new standard: GB10051.1-2010~GB 10051.5-2010)

6, plate hook hook of the longitudinal axis, must be located in the rolling direction of the plate, and the hook does not allow splicing.

7, the board hook Hook is riveted by the countersunk head Rivet, and the high-stress bending site in contact with the lifting point of the hook is not to be connected with rivet.

8, the board hook is not allowed to overlap between the full-closed welding, only allow intermittent welding. 9, to have carried out the overload test hook should be scrapped treatment.

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