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The Use And Precautions Of The Ring-eye Hook
Aug 30, 2018

Ring Hook in conjunction with the rigging should pay attention to environmental conditions, while the rigging must not twist and knot use.

Hook in the lifting process, is strictly prohibited items are affected by collision and shock.

At present, the ring eye hook is generally forged single hook, casting hook on the crane is not allowed to use, ring eye hooks are widely used in low-carbon steel and carbon alloy steel manufacturing. The hook connects the crane and the heavy load, must pay attention to its maintenance work. To this end, where the lifting height of the hook or hook closure device failure or damage, absolutely no longer use; As for the unlicensed post, the leadership should be held accountable.

In order to ensure safety, the hook should be inspected, when it is found that one of the following conditions should be scrapped.

① cracks occur.

② Dangerous cross-sectional wear volume according to GBl0051.2 manufacturing hook, not greater than the original height of 5%, according to the industry standard hook, should be greater than the original size of 10%.

The ③ opening is 15% higher than the original.

④ torsional deformation over 10 degrees.

⑤ dangerous section or hook neck produces plastic deformation.

⑥ Plate Hook bushing Wear amount up to the original size of 50%, should be scrapped core sets.

⑦ Board Hook mandrel Wear amount up to the original size of 5%, should scrap mandrel.

It is also important to note that the above defects of the hook shall not be welded. The main method of inspection hook: The general use of visual, that is, with a magnifying glass to observe carefully. If necessary, you can use the coloring method, or the flaw detection. The wear amount of the dangerous section can be measured by caliper or caliper, and the test of the aperture is to compare the size of the caliper measured with the aperture of the original size or standard hook. Here is a simple, applicable method: When the new Crane Hook is just opened, a small hole is rushed out on both sides of the hook opening to measure the distance between the two holes and record it. It is used to compare the size of the hook after deformation to determine the size of the opening change. Torsional deformation can be measured visually, also can be used ruler side to measure, the requirement is accurate when the platform with a dash gauge to detect. ⑤, ⑥, ⑦ can be detected by visual or caliper.

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